Sunday, December 17, 2006

A good christian

Among all the top-10 wealthiest guys in Malaysia, Francis Yeoh of YTL appears to be the most religious. He would seize every opportunity to preach the fact that he is a Christian. I remember at one time he even brought in Pavarotti to sing in the name of God.

During the recent event of hosting George Soros, Francis Yeoh made the following remark

I sponsor tonight's dinner for everyone so I think I deserve to speak. I am a Christian-Malaysian. Let me tell you, Mr Soros, in Malaysia we all stand in unity for the country. And thank God, our country has progressed very well as you can see for yourself... There's only relative truth. Relative truth is for us, absolute truth is for God. So, let's not waste tome to seek truth, because..." [Extracted from Jeff Oooi’s blog]

First of all, I am not going to get into the argument of whether the truth is relative or absolute, because let’s not pretend that we are suddenly Albert Einstein or Bertrand Russell. The discussion of this topic will only be meaningful in an academic context. But it would be fun if someone can ask Francis whether “Relative Truth is for us, Absolute Truth is for God” is a relative truth or absolute truth. Either way, contradiction will occur.

Now, I don’t know how guys feel about this, but does it make you sound more right if you introduce yourself as a Christian? Does it carry any weight? It doesn’t work for me, personally. There is simply no evidence to suggest that being a Christian would make you morally more superior than non-christians, You would sound much more convincing if you say “I’m a PHD”, or “I have been through the Vietnam War”, or “I have donated 5 billions”. It’s completely meaningless for Francis to introduce himself that way.

And this is most disgusting: In an attempt to please the government, Francis remarked that we all stand in unity for the country and that our country has progressed very well. Let me just make one minor correction : YTL stands in unity with the government and YTL has progressed very well.

-Bill Gates donated billions to fight Aids, Malaria,
-Warren Buffet helped out Gates Foundation.
-Li Kah Sing helped pay for the salary of outstanding professors in mainland China.
-George Soros paid a lot of money to try to bring down George Bush to end the Iraq occupation.
-Francis Yeoh brought in Pavarotti to sing in the name of God.

In comparison, Francis has done the best job in sharing joy with the world. This, my friend, is how a true Christian could contribute to the world.


Blogger 非舞者 said...

There he says it: "relative truth", whatever he puts forth as truth is widely known as false, e.g. unity, good progress. That also goes to his only "relatively true" Christianity faith.

The most disgusting thing about this kind of affair is that the money that has gone into Pavarotti's pocket could have fed thousands of desperate people in need. This also goes to countless number of Christian self-promotional activities. God and his fancy angel-dwelling heaven can wait, but the hungry people can't.

By the way, just for your interest, whatever argument a Christian may come up with to support Christianity has probably been debated by Richard Dawkins in this book. Christians are advised to have a read, clench their fist, and reflect upon their "faith" anew.

12/17/2006 11:12 PM  
Blogger steve tan said...

according to the review, the book sounds like an interesting one. i hope u have a copy for me when u come back next time.

Helping a hungry man doesn't really score much points because the hungry man could be an anti-christ. If you could ask Pavarotti to sing a Requiem to please GOD, you would score a lot more points and secure a seat in heaven.

12/18/2006 4:20 AM  
Blogger 非舞者 said...


I have the audio book, read by Richard Dawkins himself. You tell me how I can pass it to you.

12/18/2006 10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

merry christmas and happy new year!! dreaming

12/24/2006 11:56 AM  
Anonymous Simon Kent said...

May I highlight a counter arguments presented by an equally heavyweight Christian theologian, Alistair McGrath, to Richard Dawkins' book - "The Dawkins' Delusions?"

Have a look at the link below:-

3/29/2007 5:15 PM  

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