Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Newyorker 001 - Fatty Crab

In New York city, there is a restaurant named Fatty Crab.

For all Malaysians who live in the vicinity of KL, Fatty Crab is pretty well-known. I know of two shops, one in SS24, and the other near the Mines Shopping Mall.

Their flag-ship product is crab. They seem to have only two cooking styles (Spicy, and sweet & Sour). And overall, I do not think that they are really special. Probably the white boys will be impressed by that, but I have lived long enough to have tasted much better crabs.

When the Table for Two section of The New Yorker (Jan 16, 2006) features a restaurant named Fatty Crab, at first I thought it's only mere coincidence. This Fatty Crab restaurant is located in 643 Hudson Street, New York City. However, it's quite evident, after I have finished the food review, that the owner of this restaurant is aware of the Fatty Crab in Malaysia.

Evidence : "The chef, Zak Pelaccio, lived in Malaysia for a little more than a year."

Zak Pelcaccio must have visited Fatty Crab in Malaysia, and was amused by the name, and subsequently used it as his own. What's the odd of an italian chef being inspired by a cheap, ugly name of a chinese restaurant? Now, this is what we call globalization.

Zak Pelaccio doesn't sell crabs though. It sells Assam Laksa, and also Fatty Duck - "a small plate of brined, steamed, and fried pieces of duck served in a palm sugar syrup studded with black peppercorns.". Fuck, the writer is so full of shit, but surely the description sounds alluring.

What really surprises me is this. New Yorkers have not tasted Ikan Bilis. Owen Phillips, the writer, describes them as "a hundred little fish eyes looking up at you. They belong to tiny anchovies called ikan billis, which, if you ignore their plaintive stares, are a pleasure to crunch". I have to give it to this guy. He gives a whole new meaning to Ikan Bilis.

Zak Pelaccio even brings along a weird tradition of Malaysia to New York. On the tables of his restaurant, customers would find Wet-Nap. You would need to pop it before using it. The blondes probably would find it funny.

Footnote : From now onwards, periodically, I will randomly blog about my thoughts after reading the magazine of The New Yorker. To be exact, I need to write 100 articles of this kind, to fulfill the obligation of a contract. On March 2, 2007, I have entered into a contract with a Harvard grad (Pan Swee Ting). The contract requires this : After I have writen 100 articles based on The New Yorker, I will be entitled to a gift from her, a DVD collection of all old issues of The New Yorker dating back to 1920s.


Blogger 非舞者 said...

No, not you too, another one writing for material rewards!

But seriously, it's a bit odd for you to write about American things without being there. I suggest Sweeting relax her requirement.

3/08/2007 9:37 AM  
Blogger steve tan said...

I still need to write another 99 articles.

I hope you can help me out sometimes and I will duplicate a copy of the DVD to you.

3/08/2007 11:59 AM  
Blogger 非舞者 said...

Haha, bastard.

3/09/2007 9:26 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Having a US address I could've bought you the DVD, but I won't.

Everyone wants to read the other 99 articles from you.

3/11/2007 5:24 AM  

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