Friday, August 24, 2007

Today the CNN reported that according to some of the past letters written by Mother Theresa, she actually found no God in her life for the past 50 years.

This news is quite comparable to a recent news regarding Hitler, who had, evidently, listened to Jewish music secretly. Both discoveries could practically overturn the belief system of billions of people.

I wouldn't be too surprised if one day historians discovered that Bin Laden actually enjoyed Simpsons and Sex and the City.

Inspired by all these, I have come up with a witty pick-up line, for those who need it.

Let's say you are pursuing a girl who hasn't shown any interest in you.

"Please, join me for a dinner". You said.

"John, I like you, but I am sure this is not going to work. We are from different worlds".

"Jenny, don't be so sure of this. You know, even Hitler listened to Jewish music, and Mother Theresa actually has found no God. Anything could happen in the world! Let's give it a try, will ya?"

"Ok, pick me up at 7".


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