Thursday, October 11, 2007

The funniest FAQ I have ever read.

Malaysian government set up an official website for the astronaut. If they are determined to send a man to the space, you would imagine they could afford to spend some money to write some professional content for the official website. But no, they have a FAQ that sounds like the targeted audience is standard 1 students. ( )

Q1. What is the total cost of Angkasawan Programme?
A1. Angkasawan progamme Programme is an offset project given by Russian when Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) purchased Sukhoi fighter SU-30 MKM. In other word, this project is free.
My comment : In other word, this project is part of the cost of buying fighter jet. It ain’t no free.

Q2. What is the benefit of this programme to the country?
A2. From this programme, we hope that new generations especially students can develop interest in space education, also can gain knowledge transfer and experience from other countries.
My comment : Okay, now that everyone is interested in space education, what next? By the way, you are right, Russia would be pleased to share with you all the cutting-edge technology

Q3. Is the astronaut going to the moon?
A3. No, our astronaut is not going to the moon but to the International Space Station (ISS)
My comment : Don’t flatter yourself. Nobody would be so naïve as to think that Malaysian is going to the moon. The last time mankind set foot in moon was 1969. And China plans to be in the moon in 2018.

Q4. Where is the ISS?
A4. International Space Station (ISS) is built by ISS partners. The station will be in an orbit with an altitude of 250 statute miles with an inclination of 51.6 degrees. This orbit allows the station to be reached by the launch vehicles of all the international partners to provide a robust capability for the delivery of crews and supplies. The orbit also provides excellent Earth observations with coverage of 85 percent of the globe and over flight of 95.
My comment : More importantly, is Malaysia an ISS partner?

Q5. Will the astronaut get to go outside the space station?
A5. No. Going outside space station require EVA.
My comment : I’m not interested in whether he would do a space-walk. What I’m more concerned is what he does inside the spaceship. What's his official duty up there?

Q6. How long will he be there?
A6. Angkasawan will is there about 6 - 8 days. Our Angkasawan will be in the space station about 6-8 days. He will do scientific research.
My comment : Just name one scientific research that he would do. Just one.

Q7. Is this safe?
A7. Yes, it is. The condition in ISS is same as our room except there is no gravity there. We will float.
My comment : This is so incorrect. The risky part is not whether you could pee properly in the ISS. The real danger is when the space shuttle is taking off, with immense heat being generated. I’m not going to get into the Columbia disaster but it suffices to say going to the space isn’t as easy as taking a train.

Q8. What is minimum qualification to be a Malaysian astronaut?
A8. First requirements to be Malaysian Angkasawan is must a Malaysian citizen, 21 years old and above and have first degree in any field
My comment : Hello I’m 21st year old, and freshly graduated from Sedaya College with a B.A degree in English. My hobby is playing guitar and MSN with friends. I have no problem going to the space.


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