Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sure, this movie clip probably still doesn’t tell the whole truth. How did the mob get to be provoked in the first place? What caused them to release their anger into the streets? This movie clip doesn’t address any of that, and it focuses more on the crimes, looting, fighting, stealing.

But I'm more than willing to spread this clip, because the mainstream media is equally narrow and biased, and we need all angles.

On the same token, what have CNN and BCC done ? Aren’t they equally selective in terms of reporting? They focused on the crackdown, showing images of the police (Some not even Chinese, but Nepalese) and imprinting words like “CrackDown”. And they never showed images of the victims, and they don’t show looting, fighting and stealing.

I do not believe that it's a simple matter of Dalai Lama alone ochestrating the commotion, as the China has claimed. Neither do I believe that the China government wants to culturally and religiously control Tibetans.

Dalai Lama is on the payroll of CIA since 1950s. The truth of this incident is still somewhere out there, and I believe more facts will slowly emerge, as certain documents are declassified in the future, or old men writing memoirs.


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