Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ban it

Even in an advanced nation such as Singapore, some acts that seem inappropriate are tolerated in the public. Take, for instance, burning the incense for some kinds of festivals. The incenses are enormous. Burning them in public generates lots of smoke, heat, and ashes. A few times I walked by these burning incenses, I almost got chocked. Such act is so environmental unfriendly. I am sure it increases global warming by a few celcious.

It seems the Singapore government tries to be tolerant and sensitive to religious rituals. But it is a known fact that the government disallows muslim ladies from wearing headscarfs in school. (I think this makes sense too). Hence, it should be equally cold on this issue, and ban incense burning in public. Carry out whatever religious rituals you have at home. Just don't do it in the public.

In my view, incense burning has far more harm than headscarf or chewing gum.


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