Thursday, August 06, 2009

The most unlikely dinner

President Clinton : How are you sir?

Kim : Not too bad.

Clinton : So um.. I am glad we finally meet. By the way, "Axis of Evil" is a term coined by my successor, George W Bush, not by me. I did not regard you very highly back then but let me make this clear, I did not label anybody as evil.

Kim : So, we are cool?

Clinton : We are dining together now, aren't we?

Kim : So you want me to free the girls?

Clinton : If it's not too much of a trouble.

Kim : So you apologize?

Clinton : Now, let's define apology. Suppose the apology is in the context of "Sorry for causing you put up with the American cuisine, which I know you are not exactly fond of", I would like to apologize. But other than that, I am not authorized to issue any apology with regards to these two wonderful female journalists. And certainly it is beyond my power to accept any responsibility that you might think I need to accept. I am not in Washington anymore.

[Kim's translator was at a loss of words for a while, because he was not exactly sure what Clinton has said. Eventually the translator said : He apologized]

Kim smiled : Well, that's all I want to hear. The girls are free to go.

Clinton : Thanks.

Kim said : Do you want some wine?

Clinton : No, thanks. I would give it a pass, because I have done a by-pass two years ago. By the way, you look pretty good, despite all the rumors.

Kim : Suit yourself. You wouldn't mind taking a photo with me together, would you?

Clinton : No sir. It would be an honor for me to take a photo with the last communist leader in the world.

Kim : Yeah Castro retired last year. And Hu JinTao is a capitalist in disguise. I am the last authentic communist leader.

Clinton : I do not disagree. By the way, is there any chance that you could stop making the nuclear bomb?

Kim : Sure, ask Obama to come see me.

Clinton : I would convey your invitation to Obama, but you know, he is a very busy man these days.

Kim : Ask your wife to come see me.

Clinton : You know how much authority I have over her after that little incident in White House. I do dishes these days at home.

Kim : Ladies need to be taught a lesson.

Clinton : Thanks for the inspiring words. Look, I think this is an interesting dinner. But I have a plane to catch. Let's do the photo, shall we?


Blogger 舞者 said...

Coming from Kim, it should be "Women need to be taught..." instead of "Ladies", otherwise amusing, very amusing :) Images of Kim's puppet from Team America keep floating in my mind.

8/06/2009 2:17 PM  
Blogger Elizebeth D.L. said...

This is so funny!!! You are really good at this!

8/07/2009 11:43 AM  

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